The magic of airbrush makeup


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Airbrush makeup… You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it on TV. You might have encountered it or have even tried it at Sephora or at a special makeup application. One thing’s for certain – if you’ve tried it once, you will forever and always remember the way you looked and felt, and yearn for that magical, flawless complexion that only airbrush can deliver.

Airbrush makeup is simply that – a colored cosmetics product that is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush wand. This method has come to replace the traditional sponges, brushes or fingers, which allow the makeup to settle deep in the skin, exaggerate the pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and create an overall heavy and unattractive look and feel. Conventional makeup is usually highly visible face to face, as well as noticeable on today’s sophisticated High-Definition film technology. Kind of interesting when you think about it, as the main purpose of foundation is to look natural, enhance our beauty and serve as our better second-skin.

With an airbrush makeup application, using a small compressor that delivers air, the airbrush wand sprays the makeup and dispenses a scientifically-accurate, ultra-fine mist of formula, as millions of droplets of the makeup rest on the top-most layer of the skin in a neat manner. The airbrush – just like the magic wand in Photoshop – diffuses any imperfections of the skin, and fine lines, pores, scars and wrinkles are much less visible to the eye. The skin feels incredibly light and breathable, and the result is a flawless finish. Unlike conventional foundation, airbrush can be layered onto the skin, allowing complete control over coverage in specific areas. This can range from extremely sheer, for a super-natural, delicate look; all the way to extra-coverage, which can easily conceal hard-to-correct imperfections such as moles, scarring, and tattoos. Either way, as the airbrushed makeup blends in seamlessly with the skin, it is virtually undetectable to the eye.

The airbrush technique can achieve any effect conventional makeup achieves – and a lot more. The application is sterile and many faces can be made up with zero cross-contamination. The formulas I use in my makeup applications are all water-based, FDA-approved, and are suitable for the most sensitive of skin, including young children. It is extremely long-lasting, guaranteed to get you through your special day without fading or smearing. You will look stunning in your photos, and even more so – in person.

For years airbrush makeup has been used in the entertainment industry, and recently has become more popular with the advent of HD technology. It has been a well-kept secret among celebs, which always seem to have lush, glowing skin. As an ex-product developer for an airbrush makeup company, I strongly believe that airbrush the makeup of the future, and in a couple of years every woman will be ripping the benefits of airbrush makeup at home. And I practice what I preach – I airbrush my own foundation every day!

Be prepared to fall in love with airbrush makeup.

PS – all of the photos in this gallery are 100% airbrushed, were taken with a standard camera – and are NOT Photoshopped!

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