Creativity is to the soul as wisdom and beauty is to a Woman


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Once upon a time, as an arts-obsessed child and teenager, I poked my hands in every creative outlet I could lay fingers on, loving to try and experience new methods, textures and colors. At 21 years old and done with my anything-but-glamorous military service, a friend had asked if I’d wanted to join her for makeup school as a fun activity for both of us to do. Little did I know, this weekly meeting would turn into a passion, a career, and a way of life.

At the end of a fascinating year at the makeup academy, learning everything from bridal to beauty and period makeup to body art and special effects, I graduated at the top of my class and was asked by the school master himself to join the faculty as an instructor. I said yes! And dove right into the beauty industry: armed with my brush-belt and a keen sense for sharp detailing and quirky human beauty, I had proceeded to explore the professional makeup world, working on beauties and brides, editorials, runway, television, short films, and body-art competitions. While doing so, I went on to college to study design, as well as complete a degree in creative education. Through it all, brides and VIP event beauty makeup were always my babies and where I felt I had found my true calling. I am especially fascinated with humble ladies who are not big makeup users, and how with a few strokes of color and the combing of a few hairs – out emerge the feminine, elegant Swans. Oddly enough – I was never a big donner of makeup myself; During school I got married and for some strange reason no one believed that I had done my makeup for my own wedding…!

After years of freelancing I had joined the international cosmetics company MAC as a makeup artist, and promoted to be a part of the management team. In the last year I served as a product developer and senior makeup artist for Belletto Studio Airbrush Makeup. Both of these positions have enriched my knowledge in the beauty industry, skincare and cosmetics, as well as nourished the artistic side in me.

Hence my makeup style is very eclectic: I will forever be a sucker for the ultimate combo of sharp liner with bold red lips, while loving to delicately, subtly enhance the natural beauty and features of a Woman. I love glowing, breathable skin – and my airbrush wand is my magic tool for perfect-looking skin, even if it’s a far cry from it. My multi-cultural background and love for travelling, exploring and living in different countries, has led me to work with most every skin color, most every age, and many skin conditions. I take care to perfecting the complexion, as I believe that when the skin is flawless, you need not use much other makeup.

Every appointment with my clients is preceded by a thorough conversation, where I learn about her personality, her style, her occasion and her desires – and put them all together for a look that is uniquely matched to Her. Every Woman is different, and every Woman is beautiful. My clients receive true personalized vip service and my full devotion; we maintain friendships much after their special day has come and gone. I love meeting people and learning from them. I believe that every person that crosses your path changes your life. And being aware, we are that much richer.

Fourteen years and counting, I am blessed to have my work as my play. I can’t imagine a better way to spend the day than with a bride-to-be on her special day, aiding in her transformation from a beautiful woman to a glorious, unforgettable Princess Bride. I have come to a place where I feel my talent and love for people truly shine. Can’t wait to meet you!

Love and Light


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